The Umbanda Temple


No Brasil nossa casa mae:

Rio de Janeiro (TEM) - Matriz

Londres - 10a Filial TEM - Queens Park

Londres - 13a Filial TEM - Potters Bar


   Inglaterra e Brasil

TEM Londres is a Not- for- Profit Charitable Organisation

We are affiliated to TENDA ESPIRITA MIRIM (1924) in Brazil.


                             ABOUT OUR ORGANISATION AND FOUNDER








Our founder and leader is initiated and consecrated as a Temple’s Chief Commander by the Tenda Espírita Mirim (1924), and initiated into the cult of Orisha (Yoruba Traditional Religion).


Having received the permission of his astral entities Thales Fonseca started his spiritual work within the precepts of Umbanda in England in 2002 and founded The Umbanda Temple on December 2006.


All spirtual practices and spiritual consultations are free of charge. Although predominantly in Portuguese, there are volunteer translators available if necessary.


Our main goal is to provide charity based on the teachings of the “School of Life” of Caboclo Mirim as well as adding other principles to our work. Always respecting the instructions of Caboclo Guerreiro (chief spiritual entity of The Temple) as well as local legislation and the needs of our target audience.


Our main activities include free public sessions, lectures, individual / group counseling and spiritual and material assistance, aiming at the dissemination and advancement of the Umbanda Religion in the UK.


Please check our addresses and the dates of sessions.


All are welcome to our Temple regardless of nationality or background. Through charity and volunteering work we aim to promote good citizenship and responsible civic values? improving the effectiveness of charitable/religious organisations  with the objective of the advancement of community capacity.


Our Temple is maintained by donations of volunteers and the general public, as well as by frequent fund raising events. We currently have 15 members and more than 50 casual assistants.


We follow the instructions of  Caboclo Mirim, basic principles of our Temple:







Please note The Umbanda Temple operates a NO RETURN POLICY for any donations or payments made to The Umbanda Temple. If you wish to donate cash, items or anything in general The Umbanda Temple becomes the owner of that donation and will use it for its objectives, therefore once you donate, under no circumstance we will provide refunds. As a not for profit organisation we do fundraising and ask for donations so you must only donate if you are 100% certain you wish to do so as once you have donated, or made any payments you will not receive a refund.                           



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